south holston river fishing report 2020

(clicketty bigger). AA guide Joe Spencer took the helm, reporting back that in spite of no remarkable hatch to speak of--just the usual mid-summer midge/scud combo--a fine time was had by all, with fine fishing proven by the accompanying photos. A place to share fishing reports, tournament events, results and other information about South Holston Lake. Clay Gibson is on a mission to raise money for River's Way, the United Way affiliated lodge on the South Holston River. Bill has, on exhibit, proof that the big browns are still on the move on the South Holston. George Kessler with a fine brown trout caught on the South Holston River on October 16, 2017. When fishing, anglers can expect to catch a variety of fish including Brown Trout, Channel Catfish, Lake Trout, Largemouth Bass, Rainbow Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye and White Bass. Bring it on! South Holston Lake is a 7,580-acre impoundment operated by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). Notes: Water release schedules are updated periodically throughout the day. It is stocked with rainbow trout by the (TWRA) Tennessee Wildlife Agency. Unusually, this hatch occurred on sunny days (albeit chilly), just adding to the pleasure of the moment. (clicketty bigger). To support the good work done by the folks at River's Way, Clay has booked multiple weekends at the lodge in 2014, and is wrangling his many fishing friends to combine fishing with charity in a fund-raising effort that should earn him some excellent Karma--like that lovely rainbow in the picture! I have already notified friends and am hoping to schedule another trip as the spawning heats up. (clicketty bigger). Lake levels behind the dam are below normal, due to lower than average rainfall, and the TVA is keeping water releases to a minimum. ), and the photos prove the right call was made. Please pass along our sincere thanks to Joe and Travis. These fish are aggressively feeding in order to take on the protein required for the impending spawn, a behavior that knowledgeable anglers exploit to their trophy-hunting advantage. FLY FISHING ADVENTURES. //-->, (Altamont Anglers operates on Pisgah National Forest Rivers under USDA Forest Service Permit #PIS6560), Home | Our Rates | Meet the Guides | Contact Us | Fishing Links | Gift Certificates | Site Map, Altamont Anglers Fly Fishing Guides That big brown is proof of the quality of this fishery, even in the dog days of late summer. Fishing• Waders will seldom find even waist deep water when not crossing the river.• Drifting the river is a great option for times the TVA is generating.Legal Considerations• Spawning sites are protected November through February.• No fish 16" to 22" may be kept (large number of fish in this slot).• 7 Fish per-day slot limit with only 1 over 22", Many approaches can be applied on the SoHo. The Fatty Factor model says avoid this river today! Current fly fishing reports and conditions for South Holston River in Tennessee! 106 Town Square Drive P.O. Click On The Link Below To Find Out More About Ronnie Kittredge . Top fly was a red squirmy wormy followed by a #18 split back with a bit of white on it. var gcse = document.createElement('script'); We are host to one of the countries best wild trout fisheries with 6,000-7,000 fish per mile and the possibility of a fish of a lifetime. Egg patterns and midges are the ticket. The South Holston River’s reputation as a world class fishery speaks for itself with the completion of the South Holston Dam in 1991. })(); Ready to go? Check the flows before you enter the water: (clickety bigger). Vol423. Debbie Griffith with a big brown trout caught on the South Holston River on October 18, 2016. South Holston Lake is located in Sullivan County, Tennessee. Clicking the following thumbnails opens full size renders of some fine end-of-June South Holston fishing: Jon Caruthers with a big rainbow trout caught on the South Holston River on March 5, 2016. May 2020 Bass Fishing Report (click it) December South Holston River Report(click it) Polar Vortex? South Holston River Lodge offers full and half day guided fly-fishing for Trout year round. Older Post Watauga River Fishing Report. The TVA had flows up and down last week. It's the action that's hot, thanks to the abundance of bugs and consistent water temps (hats off to the 300' deep reservoir behind that dam). Quantico MCB Prince William County. Click here to check our schedule! Aiming for some late pre-spawn brown trout action, Brian and John caught the very end of the show, as the fish are getting onto their redds now. Current fly fishing reports and conditions for South Fork Holston River in Virginia! August isn't the month you'd associate with top-notch trout fishing, unless you were fishing a top-notch tailwater river like the South Holston: the water drawn from the bottom of South Holston Lake forms the South Hoston River below the dam, and it stays between 43 and 52 degrees Fahrenheit all year round--a trout's Happy Zone! South Holston River Lodge is a year round fly fishing lodge located on the seventh mile of the South Holston, a 14.6 mile tailwater. Check with me at the shop anytime on specifics of locations. Drift downstream within an easy cast to the tree lined bank and aim for the noses rising under the overhanging branches. Whether you are a veteran fly fisherman or a first time angler, don't be intimidated about learning. An occasional walleye is being taken from the upstream point of Three Sisters Islands, drifting nightcrawlers and live minnows across the bottom. (clicketty bigger). Teo Whitlock with a big brown trout caught by Tim Belk on the South Holston River on July 21, 2016. When you are fishing with SHRC, it's about you - and your definition of fun. Fortunately for all the anglers booked in advance for the Watauga Caddis hatch, it's just a short hop over to the South Holston River, which provided a plan B that often surpassed the plan A. This is one southern tailwater that has a substantial population of wild brow… You've gotta be quick on the hook-set when they're feeding on these tiny baetis nymphs, and if you do manage a good hook-up you're in for the challenge of heavy fish pulling on tiny hooks. Click the thumbs for a slide show of some fine Spring fishing on the South Holston: Phil Husted with a hog of a brown trout caught on the South Holston River, October 16, 2018. They're B-a-a-a-a-a-ck!! (clicketty bigger). Mother Nature played rough in April, with head-spinning turns from Winter to Spring and back again, conspiring to produce a terrific Caddis hatch on the Watauga River while simultaneously blowing out the river with torrential rainfalls that rendered the river unfishable for most of the month. This sounds like a flippant bit of smug humor, but it's the honest truth: the quality of the fishing is fantastic all year round. (click image to embiggen). May 2020 Bass Fishing Report (click it) December South Holston River Report(click it) Polar Vortex? We have to take their word for the quantity of trout boated, but the photographic proof of the quality is right here: click the pics for full-size image... Forrest holds George's brown trout(clicketty bigger), Troy Hutchinson with a fine brown trout caught on the South Holston River, June 28, 2018. google_ad_client = "pub-8646574540434894"; The nymph bite was outstanding. Most nymphs will start at a size 16 and go smaller from there. Altamont Anglers is all I will use going forward. (clicketty bigger). The Watauga River has been particularly hot recently, but the South Holston provided the bigger fish over the weekend, and is only getting better by the day as the Sulphur hatch picks up steam--we expect a torrid July sulphur dry-fly event! Jack Gravo knows how to ring in the New year, as you can see in the photos here: He pops the cork on a bubbly bottle of South Holston River! East Tennessee Fishing > Tennessee Fishing - River Reports > TN Region 4 - East Tennessee - River Reports: South Holston User Name: Remember Me? Chickamauga lake Tennessee fishing reports from TWRA creel clerks and the information is located at Huntfishbuddy. Find out where the action is, what the water conditions are and everything you need for a successful day on the water! (clicketty bigger), Bill Matyi caught this fat brown trout on the South Holston River on November 6, 2015. Click the thumbs that follow for closer looks at some South Holston beasts on baetis: Steve Seneker caught that fine brown trout (held by AA guide Teo Whitlock) on the South Holston River on November 1, 2017. But for those who can get to the river, it's the perfect time to warm up for the coming cool weather kicking off the pre-spawn madness of brown trout. Could not have been a better day thanks to everyone at South Holston River Fly Shop. All credit to the angler who gets to heft a hog like these for the camera! This includes rods, reels, terminal tackle, and flies. The pictures that follow tell a story of hungry trout and happy anglers: click-a-pic for the specifics and enjoy the show! Sulphers will be 14-16 and BWO's will be 16-20. It's Baetis time on the South Holston River, conveniently coinciding with the pre-spawn feeding spree of brown trout, taking on all the protein they can ahead of the spawn. The most knowledgable and experienced guides on the river. The Souths Premier Fly Fishing Destination It doesn’t get much better than this!!! But if the prospect of big fish and open water calls to you, come on out like Dan Rooker, Scott and Keith McElrath and Mike Clark did over the weekend of December 1. Under that was the “money fly” - the one that I think the brown took - a #22 dark gray baetis beadhead . Call the shop if you have any questions. ", Chris Hanson with a nice South Holston brown trout, March 18, 2014,