Marketing strategy.

Colorful Inc. builds personal relationships with individuals and increases customer value by addressing the unique constraints and unspoken desires of users through targeted channels, delivering the right messages when and where they are most needed.

In today’s marketing environment, brands are under tremendous pressure to take advantage of the ubiquity and availability of user-level data. Businesses need to understand what truly drives each user towards a brand, and how engagements with users can keep the brand at a premium. That’s why customer relationship management (CRM) – a discipline rooted in data management – has become more important than ever.

Colorful Inc.’s CRM practice can connect the right user types to the best experiences, which address their spoken and unspoken wants and needs. We make this possible through segment evaluation and identification tied directly to business goals, coupling targeting techniques with dynamic message delivery. These methods are always grounded in a measurement plan and tracking system to help you understand and achieve growth.

Our CRM strategies don’t just satisfy a singular user need, they connect the experiences of users with a brand to move them along their journey. We can deliver the most impactful messages to the most relevant places, provide customer service at every point of need and deepen the emotional and financial bond with a brand’s users. This way, we don’t just help you generate sales –we create value-exchanges that build user trust and loyalty and ensure lifetime value.




We work with clients to develop an end-to-end customer relationship strategy, creating a relationship with a brand through the entire customer lifecycle. Our work includes customer lifetime value modeling; segmentation development and evaluation; and channel definition and messaging definition. In doing so, we define the full ecosystem for user interaction, spanning paid, owned and earned media across digital and physical channels.


Loyalty initiatives.

We create customer loyalty programs that build customer lifetime value. For services, we work to lower churn and customer service costs; for product companies, we work to find moments for repeat interaction so the product is top-of-mind when it is time for the repeat purchase. Our loyalty work spans program mechanics, digital experience, and communications across email, mobile, social and other channels.


Marketing automation.

We partner with clients to create, deploy and manage ongoing communications through email, social and social messaging channels. We combine these online efforts with dynamic ad targeting and offline communications efforts to enable regular messaging between customer and brand.


Digital customer service.

Digital can be a highly effective customer service channel and can lower customer service costs by shifting queries from phone and in-person to digital self-service. We work with companies to define a holistic customer service strategy, and then create digital experiences designed to increase customer satisfaction while lowering customer service costs.


Customer data management.

With the ubiquity of data comes the challenge of corralling, cleansing and analyzing the data to make it manageable. Our data science and business analysis capabilities allow us to help brands develop data management platform (DMP) strategies and implementation that grow with a brand across its entire lifecycle.