Colorful Inc.’s dedicated teams of engineers, scientists, marketers, experience designers, and business strategists are the integral pieces of our clients’ high-performance infrastructures and brand operations.  Innovating a cutting-edge wave of artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, we partner with our clients to ensure maximum results are attained with as little overhead as possible.

Our platform learns the behaviors, trends, and habits of the user then making compelling changes on the fly to maximize the potential of the client’s brand. Colorful Inc. has pioneered and innovated some of the most compelling technologies in usability tracking, behavior optimization, and platform sustainability allowing our clients more impact and insights for better business decisions.



Global reach. Local feel.

Tuesday we had a staff of 4 – crafting your emotionally evocative go-to-market message. On Wednesday we had a staff of 103 infecting the online world with it. No limitations. No restrictions.


Artificial intelligence.

With the ability to track user frustrations and make changes on the fly, our blend of artificial intelligence platforms and Data Science teams bridge the gap between customer satisfaction and low operational costs.


Conversion optimization.

What if you could know a customer was thinking of leaving your site just before checking out, and an intelligent machine could convince them to stay and finish the purchase? Our clients usually see an near insant increase in revenue of 15-35% from this alone.


Social marketing.

It’s one thing if your mom likes your Facebook post, but that won’t do much for sales. Imagine millions of people sharing your product across the globe. That’s what we do.