We bring a broadly diverse group of creative professionals together, combining our shared passion for building beautiful things that make the lives of users better. Through collaboration — between technologists and writers, animators and user experience designers, graphic designers and programmers — the creative professionals at Colorful Inc. solve problems in wildly unexpected ways, always pushing the boundary of traditional narratives through cutting-edge technology. To deliver the most user-centric and elegantly functional work, we collaborate with our clients to establish inbound and outbound sponsorships and brand ambassador relationships. Scaling alongside the growth of pop culture icons and international talent has proven a successful touch-point for wide brand recognition.



Talent management.

Showcasing and sharing some of the world’s best talent, this is one of the most powerful platforms for brands to acquire social proof.


Event management.

Colorful Inc. partners with its clients to create incredible in-person experiences for press and industry influencers during product launches, innovation showcases, and award ceremonies. This is PR done right & bragging rights four our clients.


Music production.

The writing discipline at Colorful Inc. is seamlessly integrated into our design process to produce the most effective, elegant and engaging work — while ensuring that the brand voice stays authentic and consistent.


Film scoring.

Feature films and large-scale productions require special care and attention to detail. Our producers, composers, and artists craft breathtaking audiophile journeys, delivering a beautifully immersive experience for the clients and the end users.